OneProvider 发生用户数据泄露,建议尽快修改密码

OneProvider 发生了用户数据泄露,理论上应该给所有用户都发了邮件,很奇怪的是我没有收到邮件,在 hostloc 看到,可能有其他用于也没收到邮件,所以在此分享一下,大家如果有 OneProvider 账户,建议尽快修改密码,如果还有 OneProvider 的 VPS,建议把 root 密码之类的也都改了。

另外多说一句,目前 OneProvider 的香港 LeaseWeb 机房已经彻底废了,三网基本都绕美,没法使用,很少部分地区不饶。



Dear customer,

We have discovered on February 18th an unauthorized access to a frontend entity of our infrastructure. Following investigation, it was determined that a limited amount of customer data was briefly consulted. While the unauthorized access was rapidly contained, the affected customers were immediately informed of the details in a separate message.

On February 21th, we have found that the incident was unfortunately more important than we originally believed. It is highly likely that a deprecated database backup, dating from December 2016, was partially retrieved.

The retrieved portions of the database contained: Customer Information, including hashed login passwords (to OnePanel).

The database does not contain payment information.

Because we take this situation very seriously, we have taken every appropriate measure to further secure our infrastructure and increase our security.

While your services are unlikely to have been compromised, we would like to remind you to make a habit of always changing the root passwords of your newly delivered servers.

As an additional measure of security, we have implemented an automatic password update feature that will prompt you to update your password every 6 months. You will see this feature upon your next login. We have also reset accesses for all inactive accounts. We also remind you that you can monitor the activity of your account at any time in the ‘Account’ section in both the “Activity Log” menu and the “Sessions” tab in the Account page.

We deeply apologize for what we realize is a grave situation, and for any inconvenience caused. Your account managers and our support team remain available for any questions you may have, or to assist you in examining as well as securing your infrastructure. We are taking the necessary steps with the concerned authorities.













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